Saturday, August 16, 2014

Simple Diner Potatoes

Diners are often a big disappointment. Flat omelets, greasy potatoes, weak coffee, or slow service are common with many Diners, and the gems are not in my local area. So every once and awhile I will make diner food at home.

For breakfast, that means potatoes with omelets. I can make the potatoes easily if I start when the kids are still asleep. This is also a great recipe if you have potatoes that are starting to go bad.


  • 4-5 medium sized red or white potatoes cleaned and dry
  • 1 large onion
  • Olive oil
  • Salt
  • Herb de Provence or a mix of basil, oregano, and thyme
  • Granulated garlic


Slice onion into strips and saute in a large frying pan. Cut potatoes into medium sized cubes (see photo) and add to the pan. Saute for 15 minutes flipping every couple of minutes and adding salt every  five minutes. Add garlic and herbs until well covered and saute another 5 minute.

Serve with omelet or scrambled eggs. 

For Technologists

This is a good example of when doing something yourself may be better than buying or leveraging something from a third party. Specifically, you may not need to leverage an entire javascript or java library if all you need is a simple algorithm that you can develop rather quickly and also not be concerned over performance, security, maintainability or other issues. If you are in an early stage startup, some of my old and not entirely outdated advice on choosing a development platform is worth reviewing.



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