Thursday, August 14, 2014

Why CIO Recipes

I already have a blog, Social, Agile, and Transformation. Why another blog?

I was one of the founders of TripConnect, a social network for people who wanted to share travel advice with friends and people with similar interests. It was a great site and a lot of fun. I enjoyed sharing reviews with other family and foodie travelers.

I miss that business and sharing some of my experiences on travel, cooking, and life in general. So today, about a year after we shut down the site and sold off some of the assets, I've decided to start a new blog where I can share my experiences.

Ahh, but not just experiences... Since this is CIO recipes, I promise to include in each post some advice to technologists.

And not just my experiences. If you want to contribute to the site, let me know by connecting with me, nyike on Twitter and letting me know. All I ask is that you share either a food, travel, or life experience, that you include some advice to technologists, that you post a photo, and that you agree to make several contributions over a three month period.


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